Young Children’s Room

The most important goal where children’s room are concerned is to try to achieve a reasonable compromise between your respective needs – in terms both of style, and balancing practically and fun, because a child’s bedroom should certainly be fun. Both girls and boys can be highly specific in their bedroom wish list, very often down to the exact shade of the walls, although girls tend to be more vociferous in their suggestion. The colour debate is tricky – their choice is often precisely what you would not have chosen, for adult tastes rarely coincide with those of children and subtle tastes tend to develop later in life. The decoration of his or her own room is serious matter for child. The perspective of youth makes everything far clearer and this applies equally to colour preferences – bright pink is better than blush, sunshine yellow preferable to primrose. This may be the one of the first opportunities for a child to assert his or her independence. MÃ¥larbilder djur

It is important for the adult to remember that young children change in their tastes and maturity faster than the decorations around them – what may thrill this year may be completely wrong in twelve months’ time. So simple is better than complicated and moderate investment, as far as the decorations is concerned is wiser than monetary overkill. Where a certain investment can usefully be considered is in the choice and arrangement of the permanent furnishing of a child’s room. However small the room, allow for as much floor space as possible – this is vital for games, reading, the construction of edifices and general reclining. A table that doubles as a desk is always a good addition, and is a form of storage that allows a fairly rapid transition from chaos to order. Other than this, the bed should be strong – it will probably be used as a camp, trampoline, bus or to encourage reading in relaxed atmosphere. Blinds or curtains should be light proof, and attached securely to the walls; the walls should be decorated in a washable finish, as those wide, blank expanse can often prove irresistible; and the floors should be covered, if at all, with washable rugs. If pleasure and nostalgia – and what could be more rewarding than that?


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