Renovate Old Furniture – A Smart Option

Home is where the heart is! And the heart can easily get hooked on to the home that has its furniture in order. An impressively furnished home is what really makes the life worth living. Not only is it soothing to the eyes but can also lift your sagging spirits at the end of the hard day’s toil. New shining furniture is always desirable but not feasible every time. Old Amish furniture is meant for keeps. And other furniture in the home is also meant to last a considerable duration of time.

However your old furniture can emit negative vibes among your colleagues and friends circle. And you may find yourself helpless in the midst of financial crunch. The replacement – i.e., new furniture – can dig a deep hole in your already shrinking pockets. But as the saying goes – desperate situations demand desperate measures – there is a way out of this unpleasant situation. You can go for complete renovation of your old furniture. This will ensure a brand new look to the traditional Amish made furniture and re-lend the lost grace of other furniture articles in the home. And as the proverbial icing on the cake, it will cost just a fraction of what the new furniture would have cost.

Renovation of furniture can take the shape of re-finishing and repairs. Refinishing can be done by removing the paint or polish using the sand paper so that the furniture grains are clearly visible. The stains are also removed either with the sand paper or a good stain-removing agent. The old furniture can then be given a brand new look by the paint of your choice. This technique is particularly beneficial in re-doing a solid piece of furniture like Amish Oak furniture. The new paint can also be supplemented by glazes, crackled paint etc. Salvation Army Pickup

Refinishing is always preceded by the requisite repairs to the furniture. The damaged parts of the furniture are re-glued or replaced as per requirement. Always remember, repairing the worn out furniture would cost you just a fraction of the cost of new furniture. Normally, repairing is an easy job but if you find it onerous, better hire a reputable professional. He will ensure you get the best out of your old furniture.

A relatively newer furniture article needs only refurbishing to give it a transformed look. With minor sanding to remove accumulated dirt and wax, such furniture just needs a touch-up to regain its lost glory. Refurbishing is far less time consuming and a much cheaper option than refinishing. But where the furniture is out of shape, no amount of refurbishing can help. Refinishing, in such a case, is the only option. Refurbishing is advisable in unpainted wooden furniture and antiques due to its obvious benefits.

Renovation of upholstery, slipcovers, cane chairs and wicker furniture is a slightly typical task. As far as possible, seek professional help in getting them back to shape. A reputed professional interior decorator would advise you the best course of action for your old furniture.


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