Information Required to Apply For a Lawsuit Settlement Loan

If you’re a plaintiff in a pending lawsuit who is interested in applying for a lawsuit settlement loan you’ll need to have specific information readily available to the settlement loan provider. This article is designed to help the plaintiff understand what information they’ll need when they contact a lawsuit loan provider and what exactly that information is. By having the proper information on hand you’ll be able to get your lawsuit settlement loan approved quickly and efficiently.


  • Law Firm Name
  • Law Firm’s Physical Address
  • Law Firm’s Phone & Fax Number
  • Representing Attorney’s Name
  • Representing Attorney’s Direct Phone & Fax Number
  • Your Case’s Paralegal
  • City, County & State Court Handling Your Lawsuit
  • Civil Suit Type
  • Case Details
  • Incident Details
  • Defendants Insurance Information
  • Previous Settlement Offers
  • Lien and\or Assignments Regarding Your Case


Law Firm Name – This is the law firm your attorney is associated with that is handling your lawsuit case.

Law Firm’s Physical Address – This is the physical address of the law firm your attorney is associated with. Do not provide any forwarding or P.O. Box address.

Law Firm’s Phone & Fax Number – The telephone and fax data number for the law firm that your attorney is associated with. This can be local or toll-free and usually doesn’t matter to the lawsuit settlement loan provider. collection laws in California 

Representing Attorney’s Name – The name of the attorney that is handling your pending lawsuit; this should be the same name on any court documents.

Representing Attorney’s Direct Phone & Fax Number – The direct telephone and data fax number to the attorney that is over seeing your pending lawsuit.

Your Case’s Paralegal – Any paralegals involved with your attorney that is representing your pending lawsuit.

City, County & State Court Handling Your Lawsuit – The exact City, County and State your lawsuit is being tried at.

Civil Suit Type – The actual type of lawsuit that your attorney is bring to court. (injury, accident, negligence, etc)

Case Details – This is all the details regarding your case; meaning where your case currently stands in the civil court it’s being tried in and anything that has come up since the initial filing of the civil court suit.

Incident Details – Details information regarding the incident that caused the civil lawsuit to be sought after in the first please; be very descriptive and provide all possible details.

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