Essay Writing – Defeat Your Fear

A lot of students find that writing an essay is challenging to them, while other students find it very difficult. It depends on the student’s personality, but what is known by all students with different personality, that writing an essay has a real important role in their academic life either in high school or in college. It’s a method that let you win, or may be lose, marks in your high school. It also may decide whether you will be accepted in a college admission process or not.

The goal of this article is to help you to overcome your fear. The methodology followed in doing that is to let you know the common mistakes and errors that students do while writing an essay. So in case you succeed in avoiding the following mistakes, your essay will be very good to a big extent.


    • Plagiarism: It’s considered the most common mistake that students do. NEVER copy your colleagues work and NEVER underestimate yourself. Be yourself and be sure that you can do exactly what your colleagues do or even better. Take this essay as a real step to improve yourself, not only to pass the test.



    • Lengthy bodies: Go directly to the core of your essay and don’t move around it. Be precise and specific, professors/teachers or admission officers have thousands of essays to read.


    • Grammatical mistakes and Spelling errors: You could avoid this by revising and proofreading your essay after finishing it, make a first draft and don’t submit your essay once you have finished it. If possible let another eye, may be a friend or a family member, reads your essay and gives you a feedback.


    • Procrastination: A lot of students wait until before the deadline to start doing their assignment, this consequently result in a poor writing quality. Take your time and start preparing for your essay whenever you know that you have an assignment to do.


  • Ignore formatting your essay: Give enough care to format your essay properly after finishing it. The way your essay layout looks like will affect the impression of your professor/teacher. It reflects whether you are paying attention for details or not.


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