Do I Have Options When It Comes To My CPAP Mask?

Many people have troubles with their CPAP mask. Some problems include face chaffing, edges digging in, uncomfortable fit, irritation, bad looks and more. There are answers to all of those problems. The good news is you can change it.

There are upgrades and changes available for your CPAP Masks machine. If your mask is too small, there are longer and wider fit machines that can go across your nose and mouth to rest comfortably on your cheeks. You can even get looser and wider fitting straps for more support so they dig in less or not even at all.

If neither of those options help you, you can try the face cushions. There are nasal and forehead pillows that open up your breathing passage way and block chaffing and calluses from forming. They are little soft pieces that attach to the mask or to your face and direct the mask away from your breathing areas so you have a better rest.

You can get a mask that just fits over your nose or just fits over your mouth. This will help you with your comfort if you don’t have a serious breathing problem and only need a little bit of a push. It will allow you to fall asleep breathing normally and as you fall asleep all the way the CPAP machine will be there to guide the air into your passages.

You can get a full face mask if you need to. There are masks that comfortably fit over your entire face. This takes care of the chafing problem but for some it may induce claustrophobia. It does however; join nicely with the heated humidifier so as a bonus it helps keep your skin fresh and moist.

You can even change the color! Yes there are different style options available for the CPAP mask. They come in all different colors and patterns as well as the different styles. You can enjoy a choice between pink, blue, green, yellow, purple, black, white, clear, different colored tints of clear and more.

If you would like to add to your colored mask as a bonus, they also is able to work with different size, width and color of bands that fit around your head. You can get the same colors, different colors or patterns in all different sizes and combinations with your mask.

The CPAP machine has advanced so far that it works with all your needs depending on the brand and year that the machine was made in. It continues to develop ideas to make your night times as pleasurable and comfortable as possible.


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