Body Massage: Shaking Method

Other than rolling, pressing, kneading and rubbing, another technique for massaging is the shaking method. How does it work? It can be done by vibrating a certain area. Note that you should use shaking for easing muscles’ tight grip mostly in the joints.


Like its name suggests, this move can produce vibration to the body part that is being massaged.

Place your fingertips an the area. Now you have to stiffen your entire arm and fingers and shoulder. Then imagine your entire arm is one single unit and pretend you are shivering from a cold. At the same time, make sure you are applying pressure so the vibration from the arm can reach the body effectively. If you are massaging a person’s back, go down slowly all the way to the bottom, towards his or her buttocks. 강남안마


This is performed by grabbing the massage receiver’s limbs. Likewise, repeat the vibration method but this time, you are grabbing a leg or hand.

Rock and roll

This type of shaking massage can benefit the areas that can’t be massaged properly using fingers. The point is to perform rocking and rolling on the body part when applying this technique. This way, you can reach deep inside of the joints.

Where to shake

Understand that limbs are good areas to perform the shaking massage. As a word of warning, you should never shake a person’s head because it’s highly dangerous. You should remember that shaking is best applied on larger body parts like the back and thighs, especially when the massage receiver is lying down.


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